Scott Anderson

About the Author

Scott Anderson is a science writer who seems to concentrate on the weirder aspects of life. Nothing excites him as much as real-life brain-eating cannibals or the serendipitous discoveries of romantic geologists. That's why, when he found out that he was overflowing with a wealth of girth, he decided to examine the theories and actual studies behind weight loss. What he found was ... weird. From drinking arsenic to eating tapeworms, in the world of dieting, anything goes! Does any of it work? Scott is suffering through the most promising (least insane) diets and filing reports on them. Usually, some form of humiliation is involved, which is fairly entertaining, if you're not Scott. Most of the diets offer some useful nuggets (oooh, nuggets...), but none of them seems to hit the mother-lode and all of them have problems. Worst of all, there may be no single diet for everyone. We might each need tailored solutions. So much for simplicity.

Join Scott as he punishes his body on your behalf. You might be wise to wait on that new diet until you hear what Scott has to say about it. He isn't the final arbiter, of course, merely an observer. But just in case...


Photo by Brooke Anderson